Week 23 -Vibrations – Master Keys


From the first time I heard that we will be writing weekly blogs I was really, really, really  dreading the task. However, I found it to be quite easy because for the first 22 blogs I have written the words have been effortless and just seemed to flow. On week 23 there seems to be a mind block.  At this point I don’t know if I have written about everything we have learned and have very little else to say or if it is just that my personal life is being a huge distraction.  As I sit here writing this I am sitting in a waiting room in a hospital waiting for my daughter in law to give birth!

Moving on to todays topic – vibrations.    “We know that every element in the human body is the result of the rate of vibration.  We know that mental action is a rate of vibration.  We know that a higher rate of vibration governs, modifies, controls, changes, or destroys a lower rate of vibration”.   Haanel 22 Pghs 18 – 20

(I guess I simply need to raise my vibration level to get the words to flow effortlessly).  

Our vibrations attract both the good and the bad.  As such, we need to master what vibrations we send out into the universe.  We control our rate of vibration by the thoughts we hold in our mind by using the power of quieting our mind and concentrating.  We control our vibration level by our emotions.  Also, we can look at any situation and by using the law of substitution, look at that situation in a way that can raise our vibration level.  We are constantly inundated by negativity and our old thought patterns.  It takes work to always keep our vibration level high every waking moment.  Fortunately our Master Keys course has also taught us how to put some of the input going into our subconscious on autopilot.  We need to continually review the lessons we have learned and take these lessons to strive to integrate them into our lives (on autopilot) to design the lives we desire…


Week 22 – Confidence – Master Keys

confidence images

Confidence – It has been building and building within me over the past 6 months of the Master Keys course.  Watching the things you have concentrated on with the belief they will materialize and then to watch them actually materialize, gives you an overwhelming sense of confidence and knowing that all is well in your world.  I am in Control!  It changes you.  You feel happier, you don’t let things that would have bothered you in the past bother you anymore, and you have the certainty that you are designing your own future.  I believe that people even seem to look at you differently as if they sense there is something different about you.  I have always said that some people brighten a room when they walk into it and others brighten the room when they leave it.  I believe my light is shining brighter as a result of taking the Master Keys course.  Millions of people read the books that describe what to do, however, very few of us have done the work contained in the Master Keys course and can deliver on the dreams of our own design.

Livin the Dream…

Week 21 – Frozen – Master Keys


Although the title of my article is “Frozen” which happens to be my 5 year old  granddaughter’s all time favorite movie, for the purposes of this article it was the song “Let it Go”that was featured in the show that I keep thinking about.  For those of you with children or grandchildren this is a song we have all heard many, many times.  Even my 3 year old grandson likes to sing the song.

Getting back to my point – at the beginning of the Master Keys course I was dreading the thought of a daily sit.  My days are always extremely busy and the thought of taking 15 – 30 minutes of the day to think of absolutely nothing seemed like a absolute total waste of time!!!  At first my mind would race the entire time of the sit, so I kept practicing the daily discipline and tried to focus on the things we were asked to focus on.  After the first few weeks, I eventually and gradually learned how to “Let it Go” and bring my mind into focus and produce clarity.  Let it Go – the past regrets, insecurities, judgements, opinions, disappointments, endless to do lists, scheduled meetings, and all the additional Mind Clutter we carry on our shoulders every day.   Now that we are in  week 21 of our Master Keys course, I want to  take the time to write about how I truly enjoy and even look forward to the 15 – 30 minutes a day that I sit and think or sit and think of absolutely nothing.  This is the only time of day that I am not focused on balancing the multitude of tasks I need to accomplish each day.  It reduces my stress, focuses my thoughts, energizes my feelings, lifts my spirit, makes me more productive, and connects me to the future!!

Peace be the Journey!


Week 20 -Live for Today – Master Keys


Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come.  Many of us have heard the statement called the “Dash”.  The Dash is on every tombstone.  It is the period between the birthday and the final day.  The Dash is the only part that counts.  Yet most of us live our lives focused on the regrets of the yesterdays and the thought that the tomorrows will be better.  However, if you think about it the yesterdays are etched in stone and we may never even see the tomorrows.  The obituaries are full of people who only yesterday had dreams of a better tomorrow, yet their lives were cut shorter than they ever imagined.  That brings us back to the Dash.

Yesterday I had a rare time where I had few hours where there was nothing I HAD to be doing.  My wife was at a baby shower and I was Home Alone.  I spent the entire time where I was meant to be – out in Nature.  I worked on my old Landcruiser out in the field by my barn for awhile and then went back into our woods and sat by a large rock that I refer to as “Indian Rock”.  This rock has alway been a special place to me that my kids and now my grandkids enjoy being around.  The rock sits on a ridge overlooking a stream that flows around our property.  It is actually considered to be a prehistorical place where the ancient people and indians made their camps.  I find it connects me to nature in a way that few places in this part of the country can connect me.  While sitting there the stress drains from my body and and I can vividly see what my tomorrows will bring – as long as I am granted the life of those tomorrows.  While spending time at Indian Rock and while at my grandsons soccer game early yesterday morning and then afterwards at his hockey practice, I was living in the moment – living for today.  What a wonderful feeling…  I am so very fortunate and grateful!

Week 19 -A Game Changer – Master Keys


The recent weeks of our studies of the Master Keys system have had a profound effect on my state of mind.  We have been working on concentration, being in the moment by enjoying that moment without being drawn back to the past or consideration of the future, and being in a constant state of Gratitude.  When you combine these three, the outcome is a consistant state of happiness on a level that has escaped me for a very long time.  In the past I would be happy at various times throughout the day, however, now it seems like it is becoming part of almost every minute of the day.  What a RUSH!  images-3

The most difficult part of these exercises is that we are supposed to be grateful for Everything – good and bad.  I have no problem being grateful for the good, however, I really struggled with the bad.  What I am beginning to find is that when you are able to be grateful at All time, there is a weight lifted from your shoulders.  I just have to continue to let the power of the mind overcome any negativity associated with the bad. images-2

These exercises as well as those we have learned in the past has changed my outlook in life.  Yes, I am still trying to break free of some of the past that keeps trying to hold on, however, I know that I am winning the battle.  When you know, you just know that you are on the right track, it changes everything!

Week 18 -Signs – Master Keys


Sorry the sign is misspelled, however, I liked the looks of it anyway!

I have always held the belief that “if it is to be, it is up to me”.  I have lived by these words throughout my professional career.  I think it is quite different from the normal mindset, where people only do enough to just get by and to not get fired.  Unfortunately for me, making it happen normally invoked working harder and longer hours.  Now I have discovered, there is a better way…

The Master Keys course I have been taking is something I have been blessed to have attracted into my life.  I don’t believe I came across it by accident. I have studied personal development for many years, and yet it seems that the Master Key System is the only system that actually works.  I only wish it would have came into my life many years ago.  Life in general would have been far easier.  I am happier, more confident, and more certain of my future than ever.

What a wonderful feeling.  I get to live in the moment rather than live with yesterdays regrets or living in the future that may never come.  Today is the only day we can count on.  The yesterdays are gone, and the tomorrows may never come.  Everybody would be happier if they lived for today and simply planned for tomorrow.

“Thought is the energy which the Law of Attraction has brought into operation which eventually manifests in abundance”.  Haanel Chapter 18 #26

As we have learned in the course, it is our thoughts and the emotional feelings combined that create the Law of Attraction. First you must think, (thoughts that are generally the opposite of what your conscious mind is telling you is real), combine your emotions, and then you must pay attention.  There will be signs that the Law of Attraction is working for you, however, if you are not paying attention you will miss the signs.  At first, you will start to notice little things.  The more you notice them the more signs you will see.  It is like learning to hit a baseball.  At first you will hit one every so often, however, with practice you can hit the ball with regularity.  The same goes for the signs we are given which enables us to create our own futures.  You can have all the concentrated thoughts you are capable of, however, if you don’t pay attention you are missing most of the magic…

Week 17 – Concentration – Master Keys


This week our task entailed being in a state of total concentration during our daily sit.  Totally focused on our new reality.  When I am focused, the world could collapse around me and I would not notice.  As my wife can attest to, I have always been able to block out the world (sometimes to my detriment).  I believe in the long run my ability to concentrate will be a huge asset in designing my own future, however, focusing on what our lives will be like in the future when your conscious mind is screaming the exact opposite, is much more difficult than I imagined it would be.  Breaking the chains of my past is not easy.  It is going to take a lot of practice and mental work to break loose and become a Master at designing my own future.  On occasion, I have been able to bring my emotions and my level of consciousness to a state of mind that for the lack of a better term I will say that I was “in the Flow”.  Concentrating and “getting in the Flow” is absolutely exhilarating.  It is like you are living in your future today.  I believe that this is the state of mind that will attract the people, places, and circumstances that will turn these thoughts into my reality.  I have numerous examples of listening to my intuition and watching my future unfold exactly the way I imagined.  I am certain that by carefully listening to my intuition I will get more and more sensitive to what it is directing me towards and the future of my design will begin to unfold!